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Archive for January 2019

Keeping the Appointment & Farewell to Mary Oliver

A note from Carl: I had just finished writing today’s email about Mary Oliver, and was about to hit send when I saw the news that she died today at 83. My heart is raw with appreciation and loss. What a gift her life brought to the world… I love the story of an interviewer asking Mary Oliver how she…

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Hurling Blessings & More

A note from Erin: Hello, friends! I hope this note finds you having your heart slayed with delight about something, in spite of everything else. Birdsong? Cloudscapes? Someone’s laugh? A stranger’s kindness? A hot shower? A reliable old tree? The tiny pink tongue of a cat? The attentive ears and soulful gaze of a deer? This weekend…

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Leaning on Rilke; Farewell, Praise & Good Questions

A note from Erin: Hello friends! I’m sitting here at my desk, reveling in the extra-jubilant bird song that’s happening just outside my window this morning. I think the sparrows, finches, chickadees, and starlings are celebrating the return of the light, as am I, even though it’s a muted gray-sky day. The return of the…

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Initiation, Ripening, and a Free Movement Lesson

A note from Carl: A very Happy New Year to you! To begin with today, we’d like to offer you a guided Awareness Through Movement Lesson, Free Your Breathing, taught by Erin, from our 15 Favorite Feldy Lessons Series. After the holidays who couldn’t use a quiet half hour on the floor cultivating inner spaciousness and free breathing? We have…

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