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Archive for December 2018

A Worthy Heart & A Few Reminders

A note from Erin: I’m sitting on my red couch, sipping English Breakfast tea as snow falls outside the window. It’s quiet. We’ve just driven home from a family gathering which has been wonderful and wonderfully not quiet. Our boy is thrilled to be romping around with 3 younger cousins; we’ve enjoyed our traditional holiday meal of…

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Solstice Greetings + Grief & Praise

A note from Carl: A very Happy Solstice to you! Before I begin this week’s writing, we want to wish you the happiest of holidays. We are grateful for your presence in our lives. We are both so excited for 2019 and have many offerings coming, including Erin’s New Year retreat day, Embodied Listening Course (and she’s…

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Timelessness, Great Poems + New Classes

A note from Erin: I’ve been deeply moved by this perspective since I heard Michael Meade say it in a recent podcast. It’s so true to my experience, though I so often forget and think I need more time. Choosing to pause and lean into the timeless takes courage in this speedy modern culture, yet…

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Your Intelligent Body: A Conversation with Robert Bosnak

In this episode, Erin speaks with Jungian analyst, dreamworker, and originator of MQ (embodied intelligence), Robert Bosnak. We talk about what embodiment means, about learning from dreams, about animism, about the necessity of taking a multiplicity of perspectives, and toward the end of the episode Bosnak guides us in an embodied exercise working with a…

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Being Served or Being of Service?

A note from Carl: I always love it when a particular theme pops up in several aspects of life. It feels like the muses are knocking, trying to make their way in. This last week, the theme has been about service. A couple of weeks ago, we were speaking with Charles Eisenstein for our podcast.  At one point in the…

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