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Archive for June 2018

On The Importance of Roots and Ripening

A note from Erin: A few things before today’s writing: 1. We have a fresh new podcast episode exploring Embodying Resilience with Dr. Don St. John. Give it a listen! 2. Registration is open for our amazing retreat in Costa Rica in January! Read all about it and Join us!   On the importance of roots and…

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Embodying Resilience: A Conversation With Dr. Don St. John

In this conversation we speak with Dr. Don St John. Don is a psychotherapist, Hellerwork trainer, and Continuum Practitioner (among many other things,) and he wrote “Healing The Wounds of Childhood: A Psychologist’s Journey and Discoveries From Wretched Beginnings to a Thriving Life.” Don and his wife, Diane, live and teach in Salt Lake City,…

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Embodying Compassion During Crazy Times

A note from Erin: What can I possibly write when there are kids in cages, families seeking aid only to experience such unimaginable tragedy? And when it’s so tempting to numb out because it’s all just so heavy? I don’t know, friends. Here’s my attempt: I’m doing my best to lean in and not shrink away,…

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The Inner-Wilderness

A note from Carl: Yesterday, I got to take a long walk in a local canyon, the path overgrown with all the fresh life, following the rains of May here in Utah. In the continuously dynamic balance of parenting, working, writing, practice, husbanding, teaching, interneting…(the many lives we are all embodying simultaneously) it is a…

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