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Archive for May 2018

Enough Is An Inside Job

A note from Erin: So much beauty around here these days… It’s rose season, we got an adorable new kitten, we’re in love with our podcast, we’ve had great retreats in local canyons for Women Embodied and Embodying A New Masculine courses, I got to teach somatic meditation at Cancer Wellness House this week, our…

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Decolonization: A Conversation with Dr. Leny Strobel

In this episode, Erin speaks with Dr. Leny Strobel about her decades of work in decolonization,  as a Philipino-American, as well as in her role as a “settler” in her home in Northern California, and how it all connects with being embodied. We explore issues of race, of choosing to live small, of how to…

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Honoring Grief & Gratitude Sunday, May 27th

Friends, you are most warmly invited to join me on the Sunday morning of Memorial Day weekend for a special community ritual to honor the grief and gratitude we carry.  In case you missed it, a few months ago I made a video talking about why you might be interested in tending grief through ritual. You can…

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Primary Satisfaction

A note from Carl: I just finished re-listening to our most recent Embodiment Matters Podcast conversation with Francis Weller. Just like when we were having the conversation live, I pretty much had goosebumps (truthbumps) and tears the entire time. We covered such fertile terrain about what it means to be an embodied human being, living…

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