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Archive for March 2018

The Cost of Being Tutored by Life

Good day! I woke up today pondering the Grief Tending Ritual my friend, Kinde Nebeker, and I are hosting at Great Salt Lake, likely in the rain, tonight, with an amused sense of “Wow. I never expected to be doing this. And yet, how perfect.” As I buzzed my coffee beans in the dark and quiet morning, with the…

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Relaxation as Hero’s Work

A note from Carl: Greetings! Before I head into this week’s reflections, I want to remind those in our local vicinity that we still have space in our  Movement Immersion this weekend, exploring squatting on Saturday, and many other dynamic, functional, enlivening movements. You can come to either day or the whole weekend– it will be awesome and…

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On Being Weird and The Way You Are Called

A note from Erin: Good day! I’d love to share an excerpt I particularly loved from Michael Meade’s book Fate & Destiny: “We are each woven into the common world of time and space, yet we are also secretly tied to things eternal. We each have a foot in time and a toehold in eternity;…

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Courtship & Seduction; Beauty & Sadness

A note from Carl: Erin recently introduced me to Stephen Jenkinson’s book, Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul. This book will join the cherished collection of books in my world that I would call the life-changers. There have been many, many through the years, all held with immense gratitude. The “me” that entered this book is…

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