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Archive for February 2018

Grief and Your Wonder Muscle

A note from Erin: Hi Friends! I recorded a short video for you about Grief Tending which I want to share here. Locals, please mark your calendar as my friend Kinde Nebeker of New Moon Rites of Passage and I will be co-facilitating a Grief Tending Ritual at Great Salt Lake on the evening of Thursday, March 22nd.…

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On Movement Culture + a Weekend Immersion in March!

Meet Carl Rabke

A note from Carl: Recently, several clients have been asking me about exercise. They resonate with what they have learned through the Feldenkrais pedagogy – they no longer want to just push and crank on themselves, but also they also want to grow stronger, and be agile, and keep their bone density with aging. “Should I do yoga? Should…

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