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Archive for July 2017

The River of Grief and the Healing of Our World

A note from Erin: Before I dive into today’s writing, I want to share a few things: Thank you for taking the time to read what we write. Thanks for staying connected. Thanks for caring about our work. Thanks for being a person of heart and integrity. We’re deeply grateful for you! Want to unplug…

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The Power of Gratefulness

A note from Erin A note from Erin: This August, I’m happy to be offering a fresh version of my online course, Embody Gratitude. Part of why I love to offer this course is because I see the big magic that happens when we grow our gratitude. I see it in my own life and…

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An Invitation to our Fall Class

A note from Erin & Carl: Friends! We’re delighted to open the doors for our newest embodiment class and would love to invite you to join us if you’re local. And please read even if you can’t attend, there are some great gems in the invitation!       Classes will be held at Vitalize Studio, 3474…

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I do not know, I do not have, I do not understand

A note from Carl: “Not Knowing Is The Most Intimate” -Zen saying from Fayan Yesterday I remembered a funny, humbling teaching moment in my life: It was 12 years ago in when we were in our Feldenkrais Training in Santa Fe. After cooking our nervous systems with 5 full days of Feldenkrais lessons, we would often…

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