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Archive for June 2017

The Only Heart Worth Having

Trust Your Life: An Embodied Writing Retreat

A note from Erin: I was recently listening to a favorite podcast, Living Myth with Michael Meade, and he quoted this proverb: The only heart worth having is a broken heart.  Ain’t it the truth? (Dammit. It’s true. If only it were about feeling good.) But alas, it’s not. Not anymore. Orienting primarily toward our own…

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This is Summer, and a Great Movement Lesson

A note from Carl Greetings Friends, Happy Summer to you! I’m toward the end of my week of solo parenting while Erin is on retreat in California. Always humbling, I offer a bow of awe and praise to all those rockin single moms and dads out there. Ever since Erin introduced this video from her…

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Discipline and Roaming Free

Embodying The Masculine 2016

A note from Carl Last week I attended a retreat in California. At this retreat center, they make amazing organic food. 3 meals a day, and every lunch and dinner they serve delicious home-made cakes with a huge bowl of freshly whipped cream. It is a funny thing- often when we attend meditation retreats, we sit for…

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Happy Tears & Space to be Human

A note from Erin: Hello! Our 7-year old son has been studying aikido for the past few months, and he just began taking guitar lessons from an amazing man who is also one of his aikido teachers. I love love love being a fly on the wall during these classes. I’m used to being a teacher,…

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