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Archive for February 2017

Four Timely Healing Questions

A note from Erin: Good day, friends! First things first. Are you aware of your body, right now as you read? Whether you’re reading on a computer or a phone, I wonder: could your spine be longer, so you sit or stand with dignity and ease and not all hunched over in email-posture? How’s your…

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Your Butt as an Ally

A Funeral, A Miscarriage, and Gratitude Abounds

A note from Carl:   Hi friends, To begin with, we wanted to invite you to save the date of March 17-19, as our dear friend and mentor, Russell Delman, will be in Salt Lake teaching on “A Safe Harbor in the Storm: How to be Lighthouse and Find Safety for Self and Others.” You can…

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Poems & More to Uplift Your Heart

Hi friends, I’m so happy to be back from our sojourn in Southeast Asia, even though the air pollution in SLC is bad, even though the news is worse. It’s good to be home. I’ve started and restarted this newsletter half a dozen times – there being simultaneously so much I want to say, and…

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The Physiology Of Awakening, and Two New Class Offerings

A note from Carl A couple weeks ago, when we arrived at the airport in Bangkok, I was moved by the presence of these giant, bad-ass protector statues that lined the terminal. In the few moments that I stood at their ginormous feet, they became a teacher for me. I felt a fiery presence in my belly, a lengthening…

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Missing Luggage, Bourgeois Suffering, and Blessing it All

Make of Yourself a Light

A note from Erin: Hi friends, We are sending you Happy New Year wishes from Thailand! I hear there’s a lot of snow back home, and here I sit in a warm, humid hotel room, listening to my son and others splash around in the pool 5 floors below as I type on my laptop.…

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