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Archive for December 2016

Looking for the Gold in 2016

A note from Carl: There is a teaching in the Buddhist tradition that goes: “Good in the beginning, good in the middle, good in the end.” In terms of meditation practice, this points to beginning a practice with a clear intention and motivation, then really showing up for the session, and ending and closing with a…

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The Cheapest Room & What are You Feeding?

A note from Erin: One of the things I love about reading poetry on the regular is the way it bubbles up from my subconscious at such perfect times. Often, I’d rather hear from Mary Oliver or Rumi or Charles Bukowski or Joy Harjo or Mark Nepo or Pablo Neruda than my own neurotic worries.…

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What to Remember When Walking Out The Door

A note from Carl: Each time I step out the door to go somewhere, I do a quick routine of a self pat-down. Wallet, keys, phone- and, if needed, sunglasses. The gesture is so automatic- my hands know the size and the shape of these objects, and if one is missing, I head back inside…

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Rest in the Mess: A December Specialty

How suprising (or not) that this same topic is here for me again this week: Resting in the Mess. Maybe it was the way we had to rearrange the whole front room to accommodate our Christmas tree which led to the dining table being so covered in stuff we had to eat dinner on the…

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