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Archive for November 2016

Going to Hell & Finding the Ground

A note from Erin: Hi friends! What a week, eh? I have much to share with you today. I just whipped out a few blog posts I’d like to share with you. Here’s a link to a piece I wrote aboutt the current choice we’re given between embodying fear or embodying love. It’s also got…

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The Genius Hides Behind the Wound + We Need You

I adore this perspective articulated by two guys I trust, Rumi and Carl Jung. The genius hides behind the wound.  I’ve most often considered this insight as it applies in my personal life. Today, I’m thinking of it on a national level. The genius hides behind the wound.  For many of us, this election and…

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Fear & Love, The Perennial Choice

Words from Erin: I keep thinking of this line from that amazing song performed by Leslie Odom, Jr., imagining what Obama might be thinking during the pre-election days: “Let’s talk about fear and why I don’t bring it in here. It’s a dangerous word, it spooks the herd and we all bleed in the stampede.…

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Finding A Life-Giving Relationship & A Sunday Gathering

A note from Carl: Several people that I had contact with yesterday compared their experience to how it felt on 9/11. A shock, a stripping away, deep fear, a crumbling…and under all of it, a profound love, a return to what is most important. While social media has been maddening for me during the election,…

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Embody Gratitude With Me? An Audio Practice, A Poem, An Invitation

A note from Erin: Have you been waking in the night too? Or trying to avoid the news because it’s all just too much? The violence against native peoples in North Dakota; the mess that is Syria; warfare in Mosul; a black church burned; policemen shot while sitting in their cars; the election(!!) and all the…

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