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Archive for October 2016

3 Good Ideas

Last year I was listening to a talk by Tara Brach and I loved a point she made. She said she’d been around spiritual people of many persuasions over more than four decades, and she said what she’s seen is that more important than the specific path they’re following, it’s these three qualities which seem…

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Women and The Body and the Very Hard Battle

Women and the Body and the Very Hard Battle Roughly a month ago in an embodiment course my husband and I are teaching, a dear woman shared her experience. She said, “You know that quote that says, “Be kind, for everyone you know is fighting a hard battle?” Well, when you invited me to be present…

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One Little Box

“There’ll be one corporation selling one little box It will do what you want and tell you what you want and cost whatever you got…. – from this song by Greg Brown Though Greg Brown wrote this song 20+ years ago, it’s spot on – though we seem to have 2 corporations and one little…

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Birthday Musings, Community Sit, + Embodying Gratitude

A note from Carl: Yesterday I celebrated my 44th birthday. I love having a birthday in October. The natural introspection and self-reflection that comes this time of year, the beauty in letting go that is modeled by the crimson and golden trees in the canyons, and of course, the fact that almost every year Mary…

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Questions to Haunt You (in really good ways)

A note from Erin: Today I want to share some questions I’ve been loving rolling around in my heart and mind, often as I walk. But first, I want to remind us of a favorite Jewish saying: “Why ruin a good question with an answer?”  No answers are necessary, but perhaps, we could step through these…

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