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Archive for September 2016

How to Know if You’re Moving Well: A Few Good Questions

A note from Carl: How do you know if you are moving well? For so many of us, we have lost that internal compass. In working with private clients and teaching classes around movement for the last couple decades, one of the most common questions that Erin and I hear begins with “How should I…”…

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How you can go wrong with gratitude

A note from Erin: Happy first day of Fall! (Or Spring if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere!) My favorite season. I love the changing leaves, the harvest, the back to school vibes that got me to clean my entire desk yesterday. Most of all I love the obviousness of impermanence and the way it paints everything with…

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Ease and Alignment in Sitting: A Special Offer from Carl for a 3-series

A note from Carl A couple weeks ago I wrote about my experience doing bodywork at a retreat with Will Johnson exploring the posture of meditation. The 3 series of hands-on Structural Integration sessions that we offered participants had such a profound impact on the ease, the uprightness, the liveliness and settledness of the people…

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50 Pounds of Clay & My Brave Declaration (+ an invitation to make your own)

a note from Erin: My beloved friend and co-conspirator, the lovely Nan Seymour, shared a story with me last year when we were talking about the creative process. She shared a story of a college pottery class. Here’s my imperfect retelling: The professor divided the class into two groups. Each group got 50 pounds of clay.…

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Becoming Free + The Shared Regret of Ida Rolf & Moshe Feldenkrais

a note from Carl: Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a retreat with Will Johnson in Santa Fe. Will is a unique character- kind of a modern mystic, a Rolfer, embodiment teacher, long-time meditator and author of many wonderful books, including two that I love, The Posture of Meditation and Breathing Through…

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