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Archive for June 2016

Listening Liberates

a note from Erin I’d love to share with you an excerpt from one of my favorite books of recent years, called Seven Thousand Ways to Listen, by Mark Nepo. It’s so gorgeous. It reads like poetry. It’s one of those books where I’ve dog-eared at least 100 pages and filled my journal with gorgeous quotations.…

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Your Raw & Tender Heart

a note from Carl: We heard about the tragic shootings in Orlando on the last day of our recent retreat in California. There is a particular rawness in taking in that kind of news after a week of working with meditation and embodiment practices – somehow it seems more viscerally heart breaking. When my heart…

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Flourish at the Speed of Life

I thought I was ready to finally teach my wonderful Women Embodied work online this summer. In fact, I loved doing my free taster course earlier in the spring and I got so much amazing feedback, it’s a surprise I’m not doing it. (Yet.) As I sat with myself and did some inner listening about…

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