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Archive for December 2015

Embodying The Masculine 2016

A 14-week Course for Men Begins Monday, Feb 22nd 7:15-9pm at Mindful Yoga Collective For as long as humans have existed, men have gathered in sacred circles to speak, listen and connect together around the great mysteries of life. These circles have become increasingly rare in modern life- and we need them, perhaps more now…

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Resources & Inspiration for You + All Day Sit for Peace on Friday

A note from Erin: Part of me didn’t want to write to you this week – as with Thanksgiving week, I find I feel hesitant to add to all the noise in your inbox. Sales galore and so many messages. But I missed connecting with you. So I’m writing anyway. :) I hope it’s inspiring…

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Rest in the Mess + We Think Alike

A note from Erin: You know what’s funny? When I sat down to write this morning, a few things bubbled to the surface of consciousness. A quote from my teacher Tenzin Wangyal which I have hanging above our bathroom mirror as a reminder. It reads, “Attention to openness is the best medicine.  Mind is always…

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