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Archive for August 2015

How Do You Wake Up?

A note from Erin   How Do You Wake Up? There is something so powerful about waking up in the morning. There are so many ways to do it. Rushing. Savoring. Grumpy. Grateful. How do you do it? I’ve been particularly struck lately by noticing, “What is the question I ask myself when I wake…

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Vitamin R + Some Good Questions

A note from Erin Today I’m thinking of the stars, the countless stars shining up above my head right this minute, even though I’m sitting at an urban teashop on a bright August afternoon. Thinking of the stars, I sit a little taller and something stirs in my heart. A few weeks ago I sent…

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Breaking Habits + Coming Alive

A note from Erin: Good day! I’m writing from a beautiful old wooden table, sipping some Pu Erh tea, facing a Buddha fountain at my favorite out-of-my office workplace at The Tea Grotto. I want to write to you about two things that are front and center in my mind this morning. One: The practice…

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