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Archive for May 2015

How Can We Help But Grow Wise With Such Teachings As These?

A note from Carl: Happy Thursday! This past summer, Erin began reading the Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon. Over the course of her reading nine almost-1000-page books, I began hearing quite a bit about Jamie Fraser and his adventures with the time-traveling Claire. A few weeks ago, as I walked into a studio to…

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Awe: The Anti-Inflammatory Emotion + The Magical 10-Second Pause

a note from Erin: Happy Thursday! Sigh…. isn’t that a great reminder? Wellness has long been a passion of mine. I am fascinated by research, by natural remedies, by ancient and modern perspectives, and by that balance of orienting toward wellness without becoming a health-Nazi. My mom always counseled that if something makes you happy,…

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Softening our Rigidities We Find the Healing Power of Nature

A note from Carl: Greetings, Last week I attended a powerful retreat with Will Johnson, where we worked with bringing hands-on bodywork sessions into sitting meditation retreats to support ease, comfort and vitality in sitting practice. There was a line he shared during the retreat that has been resonating, percolating and inspiring both Erin and…

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A Funeral, A Miscarriage, and Gratitude Abounds

A note from Erin: Here’s what’s in my heart today. I believe it’s imperative that we learn to care for our own suffering. It seems to me that when we don’t care for our own suffering, inevitably we cause suffering for others. I’ve been contemplating something like this for a long time. It’s been highlighted…

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