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Archive for May 2014

Asking Good Questions; Your Thread + An Interview with Philip Shepherd

A note from Erin:   Good day, friend! I’m so inspired. A surprise gift from generous and loving friends.  Thanks Loos!  Yesterday Carl and I had the huge treat and absolute pleasure of interviewing Philip Shepherd, whom we’re so lucky to have coming to Salt Lake City next month.  Carl and I have been imagining…

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The Embody Gratitude Project + A Favorite Poem

The Embody Gratitude Project Nurturing Joy Through Embodying Thanks A 5-Week online Course for YOU! June 2 – July 4 I’m so thrilled to be offering my very first online course. Wahoooo! Can I tell you the truth? I wanted to get this email written days before I did. Yesterday morning, I developed a weird…

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Dragons, Swords & The Life Your Soul Wants

A note from Carl, A couple weeks ago, we celebrated Mesa’s 4th birthday. On the several opportunities he had to blow out candles and make a wish, (we like to extend our celebrations over the week) each time, he wished for some variety of a sword. His great love of swords began awhile back, the exact…

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I made something for you + A Poem as Sun Salutation

Gratitude is such a wonderful healing balm. One of the teachings that’s been working on me for years is this: The world I experience is the world I pay attention to. Wow. Is it really true? With years of personal research under my belt, I can say it seems to be so. And the more…

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Letting the World Tickle Your Heart

First, I want to say thank you for all of the loving, empathetic responses that came to us after what Erin wrote last week about her miscarriage. We have been deeply touched and grateful. Several times I have watched this short animation of a Brene Brown talk on empathy that Erin included last week, and…

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