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Archive for February 2014

Cracks in the Buddha

I recently heard Tara Brach tell a story about a statue of the Buddha in Southeast Asia. It was a large, clay statue that had survived for thousands of years and was beloved by the local community. One day, a group of monks was attempting to fix one of the many cracks that had emerged…

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Impermanence Strikes Again + Vulnerable, Tender Hearts

Yesterday I received a text from a dear friend telling me she’d rolled her car twice in a freaky-weather accident. Fortunately she and her fiancé are alive, and while banged up, will heal. I shared this story with my Women Embodied group on Tuesday as my dear friend is one of our circle, and as I…

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A Good Foundation, Not Knowing, and Be Kind Anyway

On the last day before entering this new lunar year of the Wood Horse, I had one of those days where the universe was sending clear messages, through different channels, all centering around the theme of judgment. The first was an email from Russell Delman, where he was describing his time working with Mother Theresa,…

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What Our Hearts Can Do + An Exciting Announcement

I notice a sense of excitement as I begin to type…. there’s so much I’m delighted to share with you. But first, I’m going to tune in, sense the ground under my feet and the chair under my pelvis, open to hearing sounds around me (mostly the whirr of my space heater and the clicking…

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