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Archive for December 2013

Setting the Ten-Thousand Things Down + So Much Loving

Joseph Campbell used to invite people to find some time in each day where you can forget who you are, who your family is, the successes and failures of your personal history… What remains if we give ourselves a few moments to forget all of that? I had the good fortune, (and the great support…

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Resting in the Mess

Warm greetings! My beloved Carl is in the midst of a silent week-long meditation retreat with one of our teachers, Reggie Ray, in the still and spacious environment of Crestone, Colorado. Carl and I sometimes joke that we share a brain, and certainly share consciousness, and it’s been so wonderful to have a part of…

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The Glowing Embers of the Good + Embodied Gratitude

Our newsletter took a little holiday on Thanksgiving last week. If your inbox looked anything like mine, filled to the max with black-Friday and cyber-Monday deals, I bet you didn’t miss us. :) We had a great holiday at my parents’ home in Woodland with family from near and far. Though the nationally sanctioned day…

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