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Archive for August 2013

The Half Life, First Day of School, and How to Become More Kind

Around here we’re celebrating the first day of school! Like all moments, this one has so much going on in the inner-life: the sweet blend of pride, concern and excitement, the amazement of how quiet and still our house feels this morning, a deep wish for him to be happy, to grow and unfold into…

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Hello, Sweetheart.

A note from Erin: I snuck out of the house early this morning and headed to one of my favorite trails for a hike. Glad I had a scarf in my car as it was blessedly chilly in the canyon! I’m back home now, deeply refreshed after an early morning hike and a meditation practice…

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The Elephant, the Vagus Nerve, and the Cheapest Room In The House

A note from Carl Greetings, Doesn’t Bonzey look comfortable receiving the support of the ground? How do you experience the support from the earth in this moment? I always appreciate when topics are alive in the field. In the last weeks, I have had 4 or 5 different enlivening conversations where the vagus nerve has…

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Waking Up With A Gasp

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Asheville, NC, where I got to spend a few days with dear friends, with my business coach and with 150 amazing people who are stepping up to change the world with their work. That was fun! :) Here’s me and my coach. I’m feeling super inspired, and…

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