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Archive for June 2013

This Summer + A Great Poem

We’ve had a wonderful whirlwind start to the season with travel and guests, more travel and more guests and lots of good times. We’ve had family in town this week visiting from Chicago and Cape Cod. Mesa’s been in total bliss-land playing with his older cousins all day long for days in a row. It’s…

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Squeezing Drops From The Sun

Greetings, Just off the road from an amazing week of Embodied Life training in California. Wow. So much. In this moment I am touched by how powerful it is to witness this group of adults unfolding into themselves, ourselves…the openness, the lightness, the trust, the vulnerability…As one student and friend recently said of these practices:…

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Trusting Your Life

As I sit down to write this I notice a kind of forward pull of excitement as we are getting ready to drive to California for a week of training in our Embodied Life mentoring program. There is a vitality, a feeling like the needle of a compass humming northward… As I sit with this…

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It’s Your Time

I returned late last night from a wonderful weekend in Atlanta with my business mentor and an incredible group of people from all over the world. It was my first time leaving Mesa at home – and honestly, I had a blast. :) I was honored to be one of 6 women featured on stage…

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Is it making you kinder? + How to ruin a good question.

Some years ago I read this line, and I don’t even remember where. But I’ve never forgotten it, and it strikes me as brilliant. “Why ruin such a good question with an answer?” – Jewish proverb I love open questions, and letting them percolate in my consciousness, never quite resolving themselves, but bringing light to…

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